Choosing a Domain Name
We recommend using GoDaddy.com to search and register an appropriate domain name for your website. Try registering a domain name that closely matches your company name, or if that is unavailable, you can also try to use a combination of words that clients often associate with your company, such as the owner’s name. We also recommend registering common misspellings associated with your domain name so that customers can still find your site even if they misspell the domain name.
Who is Your Target Audience/Site User?
When deciding on the type of users your website wants to attract, you need to take various demographic factors into consideration such as:
  • Occupation
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Income Level
  • Geographical Location
  • Technical Expertise
After creating an accurate user profile, you can then determine the types of products, services, features, and prices that will draw these consumers/site users to your website.
What Do Your Site Users Need to Accomplish on Your Site?
Are your site users searching for information, customer service and support, or do they want to purchase a product or service? Do you need to provide an online form that allows them to request information and quotes or do you need to offer an online catalog that highlights the features of your products and services? These are just a few of the questions that you should explore to understand the objectives of your site users.
What Goals and Objectives Does The Website Need to Meet?
Is your website aimed at producing sales or providing information to consumers? Do you intend on driving leads, finding new employees, enhancing customer service, exploring new markets, or building relationships? Exploring the objectives of your website will allow you to better understand the functionalities, presentation, and design needed to accomplish your goals.
How Do I Find a Reliable Web Development Company To Work With?
Nsight values the satisfaction of our clients and has compiled a document intended to educate and inform clients on how to choose a web development that offers valuable, legitimate, and quality services.

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